harry sircely in the olympic mountains

     Continue Harry Sircely’s Quest to Combat Climate Change

For decades, Harry Sircely has shared his concerns about climate change. He conscientiously worked to reduce his own carbon footprint and has urged, educated and persuaded many others to do the same.

To further preserve Harry’s memory and legacy, please consider contributing to The Nature Conservancy’s voluntary carbon offset program. Your contribution to this program, stewarded by one of the world’s most respected conservation organizations (and his son Jason’s former employer) will benefit on-the-ground conservation projects with verifiable carbon benefits and promote several of the values that Harry held closest to his heart.

First, it will protect unique and significant forests and the biodiversity they support, preventing the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere that otherwise would result from their destruction. As the forest continues to thrive and benefit the species, land, and water that sustain humanity, it will do its own small part to help reduce the impact of climate change on both people and the planet in coming generations.


Click here to learn more about The Nature Conservancy's carbon offset program.

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One more thing: Before you click through to donate on The Nature Conservancy website, please give us your name and email address (and the amount of your contribution, if you wish) so we can thank you personally. However if you wish to donate anonymously, you can completely bypass this form and go directly to The Nature Conservancy.

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Harry W. Sircely, 1944-2014